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Resume & Cover Letter Update

Turn your existing resume and cover letter into attention-grabbers that motivate hiring managers to interview you

Basic - $197

  • Submit old resume and cover letter, a job you want to apply for, and answer questionnaire to get started

  • Links to Boot Camp content on creating a benefit-driven resume and cover letter

  • 15-min recorded kick-off call to discuss edit ideas

  • Get new resume headline and summary by email within 3 business days

  • You make your own edits and email them for review

  • 15-min recorded call to get feedback on your edits

Premium - $347

​Basic deliverables, plus:​

  • Get new summary and up to 5 bullet points for most recent/current job by email

  • One round edits by email for headline, summary and current job summary/bullets

  • Get emails and edits within 2 business days 

  • Longer (30-min) recorded call for edit review/feedback

Deluxe - $747

​Premium deliverables, plus:

  • New simple cover letter for easy reading in phone

  • We make edits directly in your documents and clean up formatting as needed

  • One more round email edits

  • One more 30-min recorded call for edit review/feedback

LinkedIn Profile Update

Turn your LinkedIn profile into a source of job leads and networking contacts by showing how you deliver value


Basic - $197

  • Submit resume and answer questionnaire to get started

  • 15-min kick-off call

  • New profile headline and summary by email

  • One round edits by email

  • Get emails and edits within 3 business days

  • You upload your edits

  • Links to Boot Camp content on fully leveraging LinkedIn in your job search strategy

Premium - $347

Basic deliverables, plus:

  • Longer (30-min) kick-off call

  • New job summaries and LinkedIn URL by email

  • One more round email edits

  • 15-min edit review calls (2)

  • Get emails and edits within 2 business days

  • Profile photo coaching and you take your own picture

Deluxe - $747

​Premium deliverables, plus:

  • Longer (45-min) kick-off call can replace questionnaire

  • New education, volunteer project summaries by email

  • Three background images

  • One more round edits (email and 15-min call)

  • Longer (30-min) review call for first round of edits

  • We upload your edits

Confidence & Success Booster

Tailor your cover letter for the job that excites you, fine tune your networking to generate more job leads, prepare to ace your interview, confidently negotiate a job offer to best meet your needs, or get needed support/accountability


Basic - $197

  • Answer questionnaire and submit relevant documents to inform coaching needs

  • Links to Boot Camp content related to coaching needs

  • One 45-min recorded call

Premium - $347

Basic deliverables, plus:

  • One more recorded call (60-min)

Deluxe - $747

Premium deliverables, plus:

  • One more recorded call (60-min)​

  • Unlimited email consultation for 1 week after each call